D.GIANTSIS & Co METAL CONSTRUCTIONS SA Company made its first steps in 1960 and was ultimately established in its present form in 1985. Thus, by already having many years of experience, the company managed to exist dynamically in the Iron Industry as well as gain the credibility of its customers.


Our facilities are located on a privately owned area of 14.000m2, at the Industrial Area of Kalochori, Thessaloniki, with a total production area of 9.500m2. Consisting of a processing department with advanced CAD / CAM design systems and a powerful equipment, as well as a construction department with experienced and trained staff, our company is able to respond to a wide range of requirements in the field of modern industry.



Our company, which starts with designing any project in collaboration with its customers, always seeks for the right materials as well as for making continuous progress in its equipment and human resources. The company is awarded a quality management certificate according to the international standard ELOT EN ISO 9001-2015 as well as a number of many more certifications related to the welding process from our certified personnel.


With the right people by our side and by constantly trying to improve and renew our equipment and our capabilities, our goal is to offer:

  • Excellent quality in our products.
  • The best service to our customers.
  • Consistency with delivery times.
  • Human character to our staff and partners.

Metalic & Mechanical Constructions

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Industrial Park of Kalohori
P.C 57009 - Thessaloniki
2310 753748-9
2310 752023

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